{Entertaining}: A Modern Harvest

The leaves have finally turned and my morning walk is the highlight of my day. These cozy days of fall are also one of the best times to get together with loved ones and enjoy a home cooked meal. After looking through the pictures below, I’ve decided to convince my friends it’s time for a dinner party! image … Continued

{Blog Envy}: Ode to House Plants

It’s no secret that many plants have met their death at my hands, or black thumb rather. Usually I stand over their crumpled, crunchy leaves and can’t imagine where I did them wrong.  However, lately I’ve had the urge to give it another shot. Determined to grow a healthy ficus I’ve been cruising the blogosphere for some tips and came … Continued

{Trend Report}: Wall Hangings

Cue the bell bottoms and lava lamps! It’s hard to believe this retro trend has made such a comeback! I can still remember my excitement during weaving week in elementary school. Pairing bright and unexpected colors became an obsession and begging my mother to buy more yarn was an every day occurrence. No door handle was left bare. Now the second … Continued

{Holidays}: That’s a Wrap!

Hey there…Katie here! To say that Christmas is my favorite holiday is an understatement…my tree has been up since Halloween, the presents are all bought and wrapped, AND you better believe that I have the “Countdown to Christmas” app on my phone…incase you were wondering, there are only a few days left to prepare! To help … Continued

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