Adding Life to Your Bedroom

  Somehow the bedroom doesn’t get the accolades it deserves. Partly because it’s a private space. Most people don’t make the bedroom a priority. Having said that, it should be your sanctuary. As far as design goes, it’s not a space we want to skip. What goes on in there is entirely up to you, … Continued

Our Favorite Presidential Design Moments

From Sister Parish, Kenneth Blasingame, and most recently, Michael S. Smith, the White House has been interpreted by many designers in it’s day. With the assistance of the time’s current First Lady, each room has seen layers and layers of changing damask wallpaper, and multiple techniques of swaging a window treatment. But one thing stays … Continued

Most “Pinteresting” Thing of the Week | Personal Touches

One of the first things we ask a client to share with us when starting a new project is are important pieces they want to incorporate into their new space. It could be a piece of furniture, or a collection of art they can’t part with. Sometimes it’s a family heirloom passed down for generations, other … Continued

Bathroom Lust: Accessories Are Everything

In any home, the bathroom is arguably the most functional of any spaces we use. Often times, accessories are overlooked when putting the final touches on a bathroom design. So how do accessories add both beauty and function to a bathroom? With the right selections, a well thought out design, and our design expertise, we are … Continued

Bria Hammel

Meet Bria. A designer who adores her kids, a mom who's fascinated by all facets of design. Beauty + Joy + Creativity + Challenges + Relationships: Welcome to my life.


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