The Evergreen Knolls House Reveal

Bria Hammel Interiors | Evergreen Knoll House Reveal

There’s something about walking into an old home and being able to appreciate all of the charming, perfectly-imperfect details that have had time to patina over the years. The house feels lived in. It feels loved. This feel, this vision, is what inspired our latest model home project with SD Custom Homes. While this new … Continued

The Lake Harriet House Reveal

Let us introduce you to our Lake Harriet House. This has been a wonderful project we’ve been working on over the past few years. The home is a perfect marriage of modern and classic, blending details such as concrete countertops with warm matte finished wood floors. Our client’s collection of fine art and objects, books and … Continued

The North Freeway Road Reveal: Part I

We are so excited to share with you today Part I of our North Freeway Road house that we just completed with SD Custom Homes! These clients were a dream to work with… we literally had tears running down our faces half the time laughing so hard with them! So much fun, and this home … Continued

Reimagining Your Space

We always find our clients yearning for a fresh space in the New Year. Something about taking down all the holiday decor, hoping for spring to come early… the phone rings all the more frequently for our help to make their spaces feel new again. It’s amazing how the details can make all the difference. … Continued

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