Our Team

We're passionate about fulfilling a vision of a life well lived. Our desire is for our clients to experience what it means when we go the extra mile.

Bria Hammel

Principal Designer & CEO

Here is what I love about what I do… it all feels like a Saturday. There has never been a moment that’s ever felt like “work”.

Beyond designing beautiful spaces, which is incredibly rewarding for me, the even greater reward is creating an intimate experience for our clients. Knowing how they live today and how they want to live tomorrow allows me to design a home where their lives unfold in remarkable ways.

Growing up in Minnesota, I migrated south for college and found myself in Kansas. I received my interior design degree, got a great job and great experience, and then moved back home. 10 years later: Husband, 2 kids, Bria Hammel Interiors.

Every project is about creating a home that’s filled with surprising spaces that lead to unexpected moments. A place to take in a beautiful view, a place to sit and reflect, or a place to relax with someone you love. That’s what infuses everyday with that Saturday feel.


Katie Pieper

Project Manager & Interior Designer

From the most fascinating ideas to the coolest new products, I'm always on the hunt for that special something that no one else has or even knows exists. I’m so “#blessed” to have a job that lets me pursue my passion. A big part of my day is being on our project jobsites, where I’m known as the “girl with the pink Hunter boots.” I love the jobsite. To me, it’s where the magic happens- the special details come to life and that’s what makes each of our projects so unique.

BHI | Lindsey

Lindsey Anderson

Interior Designer

The client is always my main inspiration for every project, and I love that our work allows me to meet so many people. Beyond that, I like finding out what beautiful means to them. Designing their world allows me to express that, tangibly, in their home. My mom has always told me I was born to make the world beautiful. Being with my Shitzu, Berkley, exploring new places with my friends, and spending time with my family makes my life beautiful.


Christine Sampair

Branding & Marketing Manager

My enthusiasm for organization and ability to relate to just about anyone makes it easy for me to operate our business and guide our team and clients through our projects. The part of my “daily grind” that inspires me the most is seeing creativity turn into ideas and witnessing ideas transform into lovely spaces. I give my heart and soul into things I’m crazy about: my kiddos, my family, and my work. (Sometimes my passion turns into my obsession.) My life might not always be balanced, but my heart is always full.


Kari Schultz

Business Manager

I feel that my 2 greatest strengths defined my career path; I am great at problem solving, and I’m very patient. My second 2 big strengths helped reinforce my career decision, I’m dedicated and people know they can trust me with anything. A little secret about me, the serious accountant… I have a nationally recognized makeup and skincare blog that allows me to travel around the country testing the latest and greatest beauty products.


Now that we've gotten to know each other a little better, let us show you how it all comes together.