The Danbury Way House

Rosemount • Minnesota


New Construction Home
Built in 2014


10′ Ceiling Heights
Combined stain and enameled cabinetry


Builder: JMJ Contracting, Inc
Architect: JRO Drafting and Design

A move from California to Minnesota brought this client to our doors. With 2 equally strong points of view in the mix; the feminine and the masculine... we married the two and created a home that feels cheerful and bright and sophisticated yet comfortable within all 4 seasons.

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TV Niche

By building the TV into the fireplace we were able to soften the formality of this inviting living space.

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Stained Cabinetry

Clear alder cabinetry adds a masculine touch to this light filled space.

Bedroom Seating

A downfilled chaise lounge in a bedroom nook creates a quiet place to get away and unwind.

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