How to Style a Coffee Table

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We kind of like to think of a coffee table as a blank canvas. It typically sits in the center of a living space, therefore making it the perfect opportunity to become a discussion piece or focal point in a room. Styling your coffee table can be a great way to show off your personality, style, and can easily be switched up!

While styling the perfect coffee table can sometimes seem like an art form, it can honestly be easier than people think! We’ve styled quite a few in our day, and we always seem to go with the same four principles: texture, greenery, levels, and balance.

+ Texture
Basically with any space we design we always try to incorporate some texture. In this case used these fun paint brushes and hammered metal jars to capture that.

+ Balance
A lot of the time we like to stick to grouping 2 or 3 items together, but every coffee table has a different shape or size. Play around with what looks best for yours! We also recommend taking a step back and look at your table from all angles.

+ Levels
Because tabletops, books, and trays are horizontal, playing with the levels of your pieces will add some height and interest. We often like using candlesticks, vases, and sculptural items to achieve this.

+ Greenery
Whether you choose to go with real or faux, a natural element like flowers or plants can take a coffee table to completion. We are full supporters of greenery in any home as it really livens up a space. 

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Our final piece of advice is to just have fun with it! Styling your coffee table shouldn’t be stressful. Play around with different objects, live with it for a couple days, mix it up again, and keep adjusting until you think it looks just right.

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Additional Credits: Photography by Reyna Meinhardt.