Behind the Design: Our Favorite Podcasts

Bria Hammel Interiors Behind the Design: Our Favorite Podcasts | Bria Hammel Interiors

Here at BHI, we love podcasts. They are a great way for us to multitask, learn new business strategies, find inspiration, or keep us entertained during the many flights we take throughout the year! Honestly, there are so many options out there right now, it was hard for us to narrow our favorites down. For us, an amazing podcast leaves us feeling motivated, empowered and has great takeaways.

Our list is definitely skewed toward business but we did include one that has a more broad reach. However, whatever the topic, they all expand our minds and bring us joy in their own ways! Whether you already love listening to podcasts or want to dive into them for the first time, we’ve compiled a list of our go-to’s and why we love them so much.

Our Favorite Podcasts

How I Built This

This is by far our most listened-to podcast. Every episode of How I Built This the host, Guy Raz, dives into the stories behind some of the world’s best known companies. From Ben & Jerry’s to Dyson, Guy interviews the some of the most successful entrepreneurs, who all to have some pretty amazing stories.

Episodes you need to hear:

  • Spanx: Sara Blakely  (Anyone I’ve ever met who has listened to HBIT raves about this episode. It’s incredibly inspiring and a perfect one to start with!)
  • WeWork: Miguel McKelvey
  • Kate Spade: Kate and Andy Spade (After Kate’s passing, I listened to this episode for a second time. This episode is truthful, inspiring, and a must-listen.) 
  • Airbnb: Joe Gebbia

Goal Digger

When it comes to women entrepreneurs, Jenna Kutcher is THE gal and she keeps its real. This live-workshop style business podcast redefines success and encourages you to chase bolder dreams. We love how transparent Jenna and her guests are and we leave each episode feeling heard, even though we’re the ones listening. Also, we gotta give it up for a fellow Minnesota girl that’s kicking butt!


SuperSoul Conversations
A Well-Designed Business

A Well-Designed Business

This suggestion is for all my Interior Design friends and design enthusiasts! LuAnn from Well-Designed Business has such a great personality and steers the conversations with her successful and entertaining guests, so that what you take away is always something specific and actionable. I’m also just going to put this out in the universe… it would be a dream of mine to be on her podcast one day! Call me, LuAnn! 😉

Episodes you need to hear:

  • #398: How to Add Structure to Your Business
  • #39: Andrew Joseph – Public Relations

Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations

I mean, does this podcast even need a promotion? It’s Oprah. Enough said. Although listening to her speak would be more than enough for us, she has some of the most incredibly inspiring and thought provoking guests. This is our not-so-businessy podcast option, but we’ve found that we’ve taken a lot of the lessons we’ve learned from it into our business practices.

Are you a podcast listener? If so, we’d love to know your favorites. Let us know in the comments below!