october 21, 2015

{Entertaining}: A Modern Harvest

The leaves have finally turned and my morning walk is the highlight of my day. These cozy days of fall are also one of the best times to get together with loved ones and enjoy a home cooked meal. After looking through the pictures below, I’ve decided to convince my friends it’s time for a dinner party!


image source

Above: A small sprig of rosemary adds a subtle table scent.


image source

Above: I love the feather arrangement with the pewter and horn flatware. A perfect mix of tones.

photo 10

image source

Above: I love how medieval these candlesticks feel. The rustic metal feels warm and the greenery adds an inviting touch.


image source

Above: I love tables piled high with eucalyptus.

photo 9

image source

photo 8

image source

Above: Such a beautiful arrangement. I love the natural pop of color with the Kumquats.

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