may 6, 2012

Targét Boutique!

For years, we have been calling the big box superstore Target – Targét Boutique! I believe this started back when we were in college and shopping at Target seemed like a luxury compared to the discount big box stores of Walmart and Kmart.

Well now, for a short period of time, you can actually go boutique shopping in Targets around the country!

Starting May 6th, The Shops at Target will be open for business.

The Candy Store: San Francisco based candy store


A collection of classic favorite candies wrapped to perfection!

Cos Bar: Independent beauty boutique from Aspen


Everything under $20, you can shop a collection of beauty basics including bath accessories, tools, and body care.

Polka Dog Bakery: A Boston based dog shop 


A limited edition collection of biscuits, bones, colorful bowls, and stylish accessories!

Privet House: A Connecticut shop of home decor


A curated collection of antiques and decor for the home, kitchen, table and garden.

The Webster: A Miami based fashion boutique 


A collection of clothing and accessories for women, men, kids, and baby with a Miami, Florida vibe.

I visited Target first thing this morning to get a look at these fun new pieces… here are a few shots from my local store


It will be exciting to see how these do, and rumor has it… more boutiques are coming in the future!


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