august 3, 2012

The most “pinteresting” thing of the week!

It is no secret my love for pinterest. Just this week, a friend posted these on my facebook page:

and this:

But really, pinterest may be the easiest tool out there for an interior designer. It’s a place to stash ones inspiration photos, ideas, concepts, and even items for a project you may be working on. It frees up my hard drive space (you wouldn’t believe how many design images I have saved on my computer over the years!)

Because of my love for pinterest, it only made sense that I started a weekly series on my blog sharing with all of you my top 10  “pins” from the week. The great thing about pinterest is it’s not only about interior design, but about fashion, photography, babies, food… all my favorite things in life!

I look forward every Friday to share with you my findings, and would love to see what your favorites from the week are as well!

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Love this idea of widening the staircase to the basement- doesn’t make it feel like such a “dungeon”

Who wouldn’t want to do laundry in this room?

Louie turned 2 months old today… enough said!

I pinned this image to my board “if ever there is a girl…” in my hopes that someday we will have a little girl (although I DEFINITELY see myself having “my 3 sons”) I love this idea of taking your little girls picture in your wedding dress, so sweet!

A good ole’ DIY project- seems easy enough! Maybe I’ll have to try this soon… I think the colors are what attracted me most to this pin.

umm… yummmmmmm!

Working on final details for a client project, something about this piece of art that I love! AND- its only $499 and its 40″x60″! That’s a crazy good deal!

This makes me ok with fall coming around the corner

I don’t know if I would ever go back in my house if I had this!

And finally, in honor of Louie turning 2 months old… I pinned this picture because I LOVE the little boy on the lefts hair! I would DIE if Louie has hair like this!!!


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