august 14, 2012

Kansas City Dream Home!

I had the privilege to work on one of my best friend’s homes in Kansas City last fall. What a project. She has a great sense of style and loves all things glam! Needless to say we get along very well 😉

I FINALLY got a chance to get back there now that the project is complete and get pictures of some of the rooms we did. By no means am I a photographer, so please excuse the sub-par photography! If only I could fly my sister-in-law to all of my jobs to photograph them all…

One of the rooms we worked on was this fun space she has in her lower level. I call it a lower level because it is the farthest thing from a basement I have ever seen.

There was this empty space at the bottom of the stairs when you walked down that they had used for the arcade games. The clients wanted this area to be more of a wow factor to introduce this space.

Here is a before (I apologize for the horrible picture, I never try as hard with the befores… something I will work on!)


After- Added wallpaper, chandelier, new furniture, and draped with panels to add drama

Their foyer is amazing! It didn’t take much to make this space look extra beautiful, but I think we were able to step it up a notch!

Again- quality of before picture… I apologize


Adding a new piece of furniture that was a better scale, changing the paint color and adding the statue in the “nook that no one ever knows what to do with” really helped to make this space more welcoming.

The dining room right off of the foyer just took a little primping… new paint, window treatments, and chairs helped to tie into the adjoining rooms.



And finally, the great room. This is quite the great room- in the center of the house you see this room from a lot of different areas… Foyer, upstairs, kitchen, dining room… We needed to make it fabulous. When a room needs to be WOW I always like to pick one item to bring the WOW, instead of a bunch of great pieces that “steal the thunder” from each other. In this case, it’s the chandelier. It’s by far my favorite piece we added to their home, definitely the crown jewel of everything. And man, does it make you say WOW… the pictures don’t do it justice!


After- new furniture and accessories, paint and the chandelier is all we had to do to make this room FABULOUS!

Another shot of the beautiful chandelier

And a few more shots of the room…

Great Room- After

Great Room- After

Great Room- After

What a fun project this was… and to work on it with one of my best friends, truly a great experience.

Just thought I would share with you what they have been up to since we wrapped up this project last winter…

Their beautiful new backyard. Their own private grotto…

They added an awesome swim up bar, hot tub that over flows into the pool… and a fire pit area to have campfires at night.

We were in Kansas City for almost 4 days, and we only left the house once! That is a sign of a wonderful home! Who would ever want to leave this place???

Needless to say we can’t wait to plan our next trip to visit our dear friends and stay in this beautiful dream home again!


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