august 24, 2012

The most PINTERESTING things of the week: August 24th

Here are my top 10 pins of the week!

New project this week! Bathroom remodel- with a modern twist! Super excited to start on this!

Love the clean lines on this cabinetry. The framed mirror is great… The floors are great too! So sophisticated!

Accent wall of tile… such a fun way to dress up a boring wall!

So… we made a mistake by not buying the ottoman that came with our chair in the nursery. Every night we miss having one. I worry about ordering it now and having issues with dye lots (designers nightmare) so I’ve been trying to decide on an ottoman that is totally different then the chair. Found this on pinterest… maybe my next DIY project???

If this is as easy as it sounds I should start selling them, because this is C U T E!

Now that I’m lugging a baby every where with me… the high heels are taking a vacation. I’m more obsessed with flats then ever, and these are definitely my next purchase!

Man do baby stores know how to sucker moms into buying their kids all sorts of clothes… put ears on any shirt/sweatshirt/jacket and it will end up in Louie’s closet!

This is one of those dresses that I KNOW I couldn’t pull off… but have a STRONG feeling that one of my beautiful friends HAVE to buy it… Hillary this alllllll you!!!!

So my niece has a stuffed animal monkey, and this monkey does EVERYTHING Louie does when they are together. If Louie drools, Monkey is drooling… if Louie is fussy Ari says Monkey is being fussy. My sis pinned this pic and I love it so much I had to repin! We have to make these for Ari… it would make her week!

Every once in a while I start to dream about building our next house… and then I see this picture and it makes me want to call a builder tomorrow 😉

And I would like to have this in my backyard…


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