august 31, 2012

The most PINTERESTING thing of the week: August 30th

Here are my top 10 for the week!

Have you seen this trend going around? I’m loving the painted black doors instead of the traditional white!

So classic, yet so updated!

Loving this addition to what would be boring shower walls… how awesome would this be as the pool bathroom?

Next DIY project??? Ok maybe not the next, but I love this sign!

So sweet 🙂

Going to put these shelves in the nursery I’m working on…

so easy!

Love this color combo. People always forget to mix cool and warm. This is so soothing to the eye… cool grey walls and warm colored carpet. Love!

Alright alright, I guess its time to start thinking about fall…

Mom this ones for you! A chicken recipe that looks pretty yummy 🙂 (I’m not so big on chicken!)

Looks pretty good doesn’t it?

Might have to do this for my next Pinterest win or fail recipe… could be great for Louie’s baptism 😉

I better sample it before I serve at a big party right?

I don’t know what it is, everyone warned me… I would want the “mom haircut”… I didn’t believe them, but now- I’m thinking. Am I crazy???

Granted she is a super model, but this haircut is SUPER cute!

And this makes me feel better since I have some weird obsession with needing my hair to be curled!

pretty isn’t it?

As always I love to hear your feedback on these! (especially on the haircut 😉 )


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