september 12, 2012

DIY: Monogrammed Moss Wreath

I’m definitely feeling the itch for fall. It’s amazing what labor day will do to you. And something about a chill in the air that all of a sudden makes it feel ok for fall decor.

I go back and forth on wreaths for the front door. Some years I love them, some years I think they are tacky. Maybe it has more to do with what they are made of? I’m really not into the fall leaves or pumpkins all over a wreath. But moss, well I could use moss for any season!

Decided to get crafty and try a DIY project…

First, I started with a grapevine wreath.


***This is the one thing I would do different. I thought the grapevine wreath would be good because it would be ok if the moss didn’t cover the entire thing but I don’t love the irregular shape of it and it was actually pretty hard to use the floral pins with it.

Next, I bought a bag of moss to cover the wreath. I used floral pins to attach the moss to the wreath.

Once the wreath was completely covered it was time to add the burlap bow. You can buy a roll of this burlap from your local craft store!


And once I got the bow tied I added the black monogrammed letter! Easy as that! I attached the letter with upside down command hooks and twisty ties.

It really was a fairly simple project. Is this something you think you could handle doing? I’d love to see other peoples pictures of their fall decor!




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