september 14, 2012

The Most PINTERESTING Thing of the Week: September 14th

Oops! For some reason this didn’t publish on Friday!

Here are the top 10 for the week!

With my new construction clients, I often get asked if I can think of a better way to arrange certain areas of a floor plan. One area that always seems to be a challenge is the bathroom area. This pin opened my mind to a new concept, floating a wall in the middle of a large space and having the shower behind the wall…. what a great idea!

To paint or not to paint??? What are your thoughts on painting ceilings (especially ceilings with architectural details?)

Ok I admit it, I have an obsession with light and airy basements!

This is so true… having a baby takes love to a whole new level!

Ok come on… she is ridiculously cute!

Hello, genius! How nice would these be for a party?

Do you ever obsess over a trend, but know its something that will stick with you even once it’s “not in style” anymore? That’s how I feel about chevron… I’ve always loved geometric patterns, and I think the fact that the trend with chevron is to fashion it in my favorite colors, navy, black, grey… and fun pops of color… well lets just say I might be a chevron lover forever.

I like the idea of decorating for fall with spring colors… maybe I’m in denial but its a nice transition instead of going from light and bright summer colors to dark and heavy fall colors….

Louie’s Halloween costume???


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