september 24, 2012

{Trend Report}: Minneapolis/St. Paul Parade of Homes 2012

Today I took some time to visit a few houses on the Parade of Homes. I was only able to make it to homes on my side of town, but hoping to visit a few on the west side of town later in the week. (I really wish they were open all week long!)

While touring the different homes, about 10 in all, I noticed there were some majors trends showcased in many of the houses on the parade. I snapped a few pics, and wanted to share what I saw in new construction and design this year.

#1: Striped Walls

This has been an obvious design trend over the past year… every where you look online and in design magazines you see stripes. Well it’s obviously being taken on by local designers in town!

Like this idea of using more than 2 colors for the stripes…

A more regular restrained stripe but I like the idea of doing narrow stripes instead of the wide ones that you see everywhere.

Love this look for a cottage feel. Vertical stripes always makes a space feel taller.

#2: Strie/Grained Tile

While shopping tile shops lately I have noticed this new pattern starting to hit the display shelves… and was not surprised to see it in MANY homes on the parade today…

Love this floor tile…it almost looked like a wood grain pattern mixed with a natural stone pattern. Very beautiful and something that will not go out of style. (sorry actual color is better represented at the top of the picture)

Another textured tile with a subtle grain to it… Didn’t love the gold tile inserts and would have used a darker grout so you could appreciate the texture more. But I do like the actual tile used!

Loved this wall tile for a modern shower. I also loved that they mixed the oil rubbed bronze plumbing fixtures with an otherwise cool color scheme.

#3: Cute shower curtains for kids baths

They have come a long way with shower curtains. Here are a few I thought were just adorable!

Such a sweet ruffled curtain… love this for a little girls bath!

You can purchase one similar to this ruffled shower curtain from for $21.99!

How cute is this rubber ducky shower curtain? I’m normally not into themes but this was just too stinkin cute!

I wasn’t able to find a source for the shower curtain but know the brand is Saturday Knight Ltd… if anyone finds it let me know where!

And here are a few other bathroom details in a few different homes that I liked…

I love that this mirror goes all the way to the ceiling. The lights being mounted directly to the mirror and the wood frame around the mirror gives a nice custom look. This really heightened the space and was a great touch.

I loved this bathroom. Loved.

The vanities in the same bathroom. Love the paint selection…

Such a pretty faucet… I’m loving the handles…

Here are the parade numbers I visited where all of these images came from:

Parade of Homes #:












If I am able to go later on this week and visit some of the west side homes, I will be sure to post an update! If anyone has been on the parade this year and knows of a house that is a must see please share!!!


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