october 19, 2012

The Most PINTERESTING Thing of the Week: October 19th

Here are my top 10 of the week!

Been doing a lot of DIY this week! Blog posts to follow! Here is a fun DIY we might have to try- a cute way to decorate an office or area of a basement…


How cute is this! For when babysitters come over…


Wanting to organize the office space we do have, isn’t this a cute idea?


My favorite thing to drink for the holidays- how cute is this? And sounds like the recipe is REALLY good!


Sweet and sour chicken recipe- I’ll have to try this one!


Definitely doing this for our next wreath, so cute and easy!


I’ve heard this book is good, anyone else read it yet?


A very inexpensive way to decorate for weddings or holidays- baby’s breath, not done tacky!

Love wine cellars! This is so unique!


Going to a wedding tonight, wish I had this to wear!


That’s it! Until next week, happy pinning!


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