october 22, 2012

{Before & After} A Warm and Inviting Arizona Vacation Home

Last year I had the great opportunity to work on a fun vacation home for a client. Who doesn’t want a project that requires them to travel in the middle of winter to a warm and sunny place?

Well, I FINALLY was able to make it back down there to snap some photos of the completed rooms, and took measurements to get started working on a few more rooms. Yay!

Here are a few before shots- pretty much an empty slate:

My clients wanted to keep the leather sofas, but we needed to do pretty much everything else. They wanted the space to be warm and inviting, with a little bit of the Southwestern/ Arizona feel. I think we accomplished just that!

Here are the afters:

Oops! Forgot to put the pillows on the sofa!

Don’t you just love this rustic looking buffet? I feel in love it right when I saw it!

There are actually 2 eating areas in the home, so we wanted this space to function as a game playing area as well as somewhere to eat.

Such a cute fun project to work on! You walk in there now and immediately feel at home! Cant wait to get started on the next rooms!


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