october 24, 2012

Palm Springs- A Trip Back In Time

Before I visited Palm Springs, I had never heard of the area being known for a certain style of architecture. But when you enter the adorable little valley, its like entering into a 1950’s old movie film.

This is what came to mind as soon as we started driving through the downtown area!

Mid-Century Modern architecture is EVERYWHERE! It was amazing and so fascinating! Very different from the architecture we see every day here in Minnesota.

Did you know you can rent Frank Sinatra’s house? Here is a little peek:

For a mere $2600 a night, you could stay here!

A colorful hotel in the area…

Downtown area… such a fun place to walk around!

Even their McDonald’s reflects the architectural style of the city…

If you ever visit Palm Springs, be sure to rent one of these! They were EVERYWHERE! So fitting again for the style of the town!

Thunderbirds redesigned- such a cute car to cruise around in Palm Springs!

We had such a great time for the few days we were there! The weather was perfect, the people were nice, and the town is SUPER easy to navigate around. We will definitely be back!

A HUGE statue of Marilyn Monroe in the heart of downtown… excuse the people taking pictures under her, this must be a popular thing to do as I could not get one photo without someone standing there!


We went to an awesome Japanese steakhouse one night… the food was wonderful and the atmosphere was perfect!

Our chef for the evening… so fun!

A not so great photo of the homes at the bottom of the mountain in Palm Springs

We did LOTS of shopping while we were there!

Our friends that invited us to stay with them in Palm Springs- we are so lucky to have such great friends!

We cannot wait to go back and visit! So many more places I want to explore!


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  • alasnyc October 24, 2012, 1:30 pm

    I love this. The homes on the hills along Palm Canyon drive are simply amazing.

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