october 31, 2012

Minneapolis Kitchen Makeover

I had the great opportunity to work with an adorable family in Minneapolis and help them give their kitchen a face lift. They were looking for help organizing and creating a place that could be used for many different functions. The family home schools so not only is the kitchen used for eating but also for school. We also wanted to create a calm and relaxing feel so when Dad comes home from a long day of work it would be a peaceful place to gather and catch up on the day.

Its amazing what you can do to a kitchen with a little creativity and use of LOTS of storage containers.

Here is the design board for the space:

A few things ended up changing in the process but this board definitely gave us the inspiration to move forward.

Check out the before’s, during’s, and after’s below!



We removed the little desk as it took up a lot of space and didn’t add that much storage. We also decided to paint all the cabinets and do new countertops!

We also decided to paint the wainscoting, refinish the dining table, and paint all the walls.

Another shot of the kitchen before painting the cabinets


A DIY Command Center I made for the clients to help organize all the papers that were floating around in the kitchen.

Freshly painted cabinets, walls, and new counter tops make a total transformation!

Removing the first desk, we decided to add a new one that didn’t stick out as far and wrap the countertop around adding so much more space. The upper cabinet above also allowed for them to have more closed storage.

A new organized bookshelf with room to grow helps having a place to put school work away when its time to relax and enjoy each others company.

A freshly stained dining table and new chairs really cleaned up the space. Now all we need is to find that perfect piece of art!

So what do you think? Didn’t it change dramatically??!! I love seeing the end result of projects! And love hearing how happy the clients are in their new space!


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  • emily healy October 31, 2012, 5:23 pm

    That looks amazing Bria!! Wow! Great job!

    • Cara Tunning November 1, 2012, 10:55 am

      Wow!! I've shared many meals and had many great conversations in that kitchen. I look forward to spending time in the new space. It looks so fresh and inviting!

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