november 29, 2012

{Birchbox}: November Review!

I’ve had the November birchbox for a couple of weeks now and been testing out the new stuff. Not as excited this month with the product as last month… but it did confirm for me how much I like the stuff I already use!




Nail Polish: Actually a cute color! I’m not very creative when it comes to nails, but I received an email from Birchbox a week ago with a how-to on how to do chevron nails with this color! We all know how I love chevron 🙂

Hair Powder: I’ve only used it once, and it seemed to work fine. I’ve never been one to use hair powder, but the idea of being able to throw some in my hair before I run to the gym so I don’t look like a total grease ball!

Mascara: Not that exciting. I use Mary Kay Lash Lengthening Mascara and have yet to find something I like better! This is 3x the price and in my opinion definitely not worth it.

Perfume: I like this scent! A little strong for me but I bet would be nice on a lot of people!

And the SOYJOY bar…mmmmm no thanks….

That’s it! Excited to get my next box soon!

PS… I had a friend decide to give someone a subscription for a christmas present… such a good idea!



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