december 14, 2012

The Most Pinteresting Thing of the Week: December 14th

Here are my top 10 of the week!

I have clients all the time complaining to me about finger prints and hand prints from their little ones on the walls… I wonder if something like this would work as a temporary fix (and cover) for some areas… like a mud room or hallway. I’m sure they make a pattern that isn’t quite so bold…


Love this bathroom. Simple, clean, and beautiful.


Clients also ask me what to do with their big stair landing and window… this is a great idea! Gotta love more storage!


What a great cabinet color for something different!

Love these colors for an updated french country…

Fun DIY idea… those pesky tv walls and what to do without having to spend a ton of money paying for a built in cabinet… this would be great for an apartment or rental.


Love this idea for your kids… what a sweet thing for them to have someday when you are gone.


What a great idea for kids when you are traveling. No fighting and so organized!


This would probably my choice of bridesmaid dress color if I was getting married now.


I still really want to wrap my Christmas gifts like this this year… but seriously I might just need to take a week of no sleeping to get all of this done!




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