january 1, 2013

Organizing Christmas {Part 1}

Well that went fast… It literally feels like we just put up our Christmas decorations a week ago and it’s already time to take them down. This year I swore I would take a little more time putting things away and having everything organized for next year. My first step- making labels for all the Christmas bins.

For a more detailed “how to” on how I made these labels, read my previous blog post here. But as a brief reminder on how this is done, see below.

Then I found a “digital paper” background on the internet. This specific one I found here.

Then I added another shape to be the background for the text.

And finally I added the text.

And then my favorite thing… laminate them! I asked for a laminator this year for Christmas, and I got 3! Haha so exchanging 2 of them and getting more laminating sheets… I can laminate for years 🙂

Any excuse to organize and label and I’m in! Next year I will be so grateful knowing where everything is 🙂


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