january 6, 2013

{DIY}: A place to hang her coat…

I LOVE DIY projects, but only when they can turn out to look like something you could have purchased. Ask Charlie, and my cousins who live with us, they have seen me do MANY DIY projects that have ended up in the trash, because they just looked too homemade for me.

Of course I got this idea from Pinterest… here is the original.

When I saw this picture I knew it was something I could make myself. All it takes is a board, some animal shaped wood cutouts, and some hooks.

I was so excited to make this as a shower gift for my brother and sister in law, my plan was to do a butterfly hook in case it was a girl, and the elephant hook if it was a boy. Well of course time caught up with me and I only had time to do the butterfly. (Must have been an Auntie’s intuition 😉 )



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