january 7, 2013

Dreaming about tile…

True story, I actually had a dream about tile last night. Time to take a vacation? Maybe… (good thing we leave on Thursday for a little vaca!) But seriously, when you get a package at your door, filled with this:

What do you expect? These tiles are FABULOUS! Really, they are. Some you pay a pretty penny for, but they truly can create a work of art!

I’m working on a few different kitchen remodels right now, and really interested in backsplashes that make a statement. I keep being drawn to Ann Sacks. So I thought I would share with all of you some of (in my opinion) the best tile out there…


dream worthy…

This tile has raised edges along each piece… it adds so much dimension without completely stealing the show…

Love the softness of this tile

This tile comes in a lot of different colors… love the pattern it creates!

This tile is called “raked in steel” how masculine is that???

More circles… this is so beautiful… it looks vintage

One of my favorite patterns right now… Arabesque


Love the name of this collection: Fire and Earth. It is so dramatic and the colors are so vibrant!

Some fun retro tiles…

Love the monochromatic colors with the dramatic pattern

One of my favorite collections, Nottingham, I love this arabesque tile!

Have you seen the new tile that looks just like a wood floor, but its tile? So great for a pool house or other mudroom…

And here are some of their latest adds…

Are you sold yet? I know I am. This company is one of those companies that I tell my clients, you really do get what you pay for. There is nothing like it!











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