january 22, 2013

Whats Hot Now: Suzani Patterns

Maybe you have seen this pattern popping up again lately. I first noticed it show up again in fabrics a few years back when I visited the Donghia showroom in Chicago and saw this fabric upholstered on gigantic wall panels in their front window display… it was QUITE dramatic.



At a spring line trunk show I went to this morning there were A TON of new fabrics with this pattern. Of course, since they are brand new introductions they are not all posted on the website, but thought I would share some other fabrics I found with this funky bold pattern that is making a come back!





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  • Morgan January 24, 2013, 2:06 am

    Loving these bold colors and patterns! I have been wanting to punch up my living room with something new for the walls...thanks for the inspiration! Morgan www.the-pink-polkadot.blogspot.com

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