february 15, 2013

The Most PINTERESTING Thing of the Week: February 15th

Here are my top 10 of the week!

With all these new construction houses I’m working on right now, I’ve never thought so much about laundry rooms and mudrooms! It’s amazing how beautiful you can make these spaces!

Isn’t this bathroom beautiful? One thing I discuss with my clients is to try and think big picture… if a client is wanting a more formal bathroom, when looking at tile they might not initially select this tile, but in the big picture the tile is necessary to make this bathroom feel usable, livable, and gives that “homey” feel to an otherwise very elegant space.

I am really into this raw natural wood look, without being too “rustic”… the mirror, the light fixtures, love it all!

Isn’t this a cute, simple boys room?

Using this chandelier again in a clients foyer… (don’t worry the houses are in different states!) It’s too beautiful to only use once!

Have a few clients right now that are more attracted to the modern look of a space, this bedroom is perfect!

Check out this tile floor… gorgeous!

Love the brick wall in the kitchen…

The only deer heads I would allow in my house right now…


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