march 5, 2013

Kitchens: Making the Most Out of A Small Space

I had a request to write a post about small functional kitchens. It was fun looking at some amazing kitchens and how they maximize the space they have. Here are some tips I’ve found to really help your small kitchen feel functional and open.

#1- Windows are a good thing!

I hear a lot from clients that they want to take out a window in order to get more storage space. But a window can be the #1 way to let light in and help the kitchen visually feel larger.

#2- Have the cabinets go up to the ceiling to maximize storage space.

#3- Using glass cabinets and open shelving can open up the the space. (only in places that can look nice behind glass like your dishes and glasses)


#4- Light colors really make the space feel larger.


#5- Make every inch of the kitchen functional! By far the most important tip when working with a small kitchen!






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