may 24, 2013

The Most PINTERESTING Thing of the Week: May 24th

Here is my top 10 for the week!

Love this funky light fixture… and in a laundry room? Fab.

Have a long narrow room and need to create 2 seating areas? This is such a nice way to connect the space…

Love this nursery… I love the soft gold frames on the gray wall.

Really excited to start working on a kitchen banquette for a client! This one is so cute.

This fixture will be going in a new home I am working on… LOVE!

Where would you sleep? The bed or the floor? I’m torn…

Oversized light fixtures are a MUST.

I had to share… made this last weekend for a party (thank you mother in law!) This dip is TO DIE FOR.

My color palette I’m craving right now…


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