january 13, 2014

2014 HGTV Dream Home

Have you seen the Dream Home yet? A quaint little home near Lake Tahoe in Truckee, CA… And by quaint, I mean, a gorgeous vacation home tucked away in a beautiful forest where you could escape the realities of the world for as long as you want! (sounds kind of nice right now!)


The Foyer… ¬†one of my favorite ways of using lanterns in a home- so much prettier than using the typical recessed lights…

The Kitchen… Love the pop of color on the barstools to brighten up a more rustic earthy space…

The Dining Room… This is something we do a lot, mix a larger more comfortable chair for the host and hostess with lower profile side chairs. Not in love with the rug used but its a nice room with the floor to ceiling windows!


Family Room… LOVE this color combination. I’m a big navy/gray girl and love mixing it with color. Notice the painted ceiling to match the walls- makes the room feel like one continuous space.

Living Room… Again cheerful colors to brighten up the otherwise very organic and monochromatic space. Things get a little “matchy matchy” at this point but for a show home its done right.

Master Bedroom… A masculine bedroom with feminine touches…

Master Bathroom… Love the industrial lights over the vanity…

Laundry Room… Sorry but I’m a sucker for cute laundry rooms… clients always ask why waste the money in there… I say why wouldn’t you want to? Who likes to do laundry? Why not make the space a pleasant place to be- it makes me enjoy the process a little bit more!

Kids Bedroom… What kid wouldn’t want to hang out in here?

Guest Bedroom… How adorable is this room? Love how they made the bold orange bed classic with a touch of femininity…

So what do you think? Did you know you can enter to win this amazing home? Wouldn’t it be nice to say you had a vacation home in California (and not have to pay a dime for it!?!?)

Ethan Allen furnished the entire home again this year. Love seeing how they use their own furniture to not make it look like a furniture showroom. Once again, a great job done.

See see more of this beautiful home visit www.hgtv.com/dream-home

(all photos courtesy of hgtv.com)



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