february 14, 2014

A Romantic Space for Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentines Day, and although it’s not on the top of my list for favorite holidays- there is always a little sweetness that is added to the day!

So, in honor of Love Day, I thought I would share some inspiration pictures of different rooms that have a little bit of passion added to them to create that perfectly romantic space…



{All images via Houzz.com and Pinterest}

So how do you make a room feel romantic you ask? Here are a few tips that instantly bring it up a notch…

– Add softness… think fur, cashmere, anything that you would love to snuggle up in.

– Soft calm colors… sure everyone thinks pink right away, but it can really be any muted soft color, mixed with white and cream.

– Think window treatments… not only do they finish a room off, but they soften the room- fabric can take a harsh room with lots of hard angles to a much cozier place.

– Crystal… add a crystal chandelier to any room and you instantly have a more romantic feel.

– Add a touch of gold… we all know chrome and polished nickel have been the hot ticket items lately- but mix in a little gold and it will make the space feel warmer and more inviting.

Happy Valentines Day!











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