may 6, 2014

{Holidays}: A Mother’s Day Brunch

And…. we’re back. Wow- 1 month without 1 single post- yikes, sorry! I will say its not due to laziness, actually quite the opposite, we have been busier than ever! (More to come on that later!)

Anyways, it’s hard to believe Mother’s Day is just around the corner… and there is nothing better than setting a beautiful table for the one’s you love most. I thought we would share with you some inspiration pictures to get you thinking on how you will be setting your table this Sunday. Guys- you can do this too! I bet your wife or mom would be floored to see one of these beautiful tablescapes on Sunday!

Of course pink is the go to color for Mother’s Day- who wouldn’t with tables dressed like these?

Pink isn’t the only color that will make mom smile… how about some blue and white? These chic tables are just as beautiful as all the other girly colors!

Afraid of color? You can always fall back on white. It’s beautiful. For everything.

{All Images via Pinterest}

Hope these images inspired you to make Sunday an extra special day for the women in your life! Happy Mother’s Day!




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