july 14, 2014

{Trend Report}: Mixing Finishes

Happy Monday readers! One of the joys of being an interior designer is that you get to break the rules! Lately, a very common trend has been mixing hardware finishes. This is still considered a design sin by many but I think it adds a collected and eclectic look to a space. Check out a few examples we love below:

bathroom mixing finishes

image source

Above: This masculine bathroom feels very strong with the black iron finishes and warm wood ceiling but adding in the brass adds some formality and pizazz.

mixing finishes kitchen

image source

Above: Lots of mixing going on here and it looks lovely and inviting!


image source

Above: This one is a little more subtle but there are four finishes going on here. Can you spot them all?

mixing finishes living room

image source

Above: I love the modern light fixture mixed with the traditional style sofa and a little brass sprinkled in!


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  • Tressa July 15, 2014, 12:04 pm

    I'm doing this in my new house, can't wait to see how it looks once construction is over!

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    […] No! In fact, I actually prefer if they don’t! Take a look at this picture from Andrew Ryan Interiors and read about Anna’s opinion on mixing finishes here. […]

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