july 21, 2014

Granny Chic

Our clients will often tell us their likes and dislikes when we are discussing the design direction for their project. Something we often hear: “I don’t want it to look like my Grandmother’s house.”

Well I’m here to tell you that sometimes looking like your Grandma’s house isn’t so bad!

We were in one of our favorite local showrooms working with Emily when I was trying to describe a look we were trying to achieve with fabrics. She said, oh you mean “Granny Chic”. It was the perfect phrase for what we were going for, and it stuck!

So I thought I would share with you some “Granny Chic” rooms that I think anyone would love to have in their home!

Granny Chic | Bria Hammel Interiors

Pleated skirts, full draperies, everything that makes up a perfectly traditional room. A lucite table defines this Granny Chic space.

Granny Chic | Bria Hammel Interiors

Scalloped edges, draperies and valances, color on color on color creates this over the top sweet Granny Chic room.

Granny Chic | Bria Hammel Interiors

Hanging plates on the wall? A Granny Chic must!

Granny Chic | Bria Hammel Interiors

Floral wallpaper with an over the top crystal chandelier… perfectly Granny Chic!

Granny Chic | Bria Hammel Interiors

The waterfall skirts on these ottomans are to die for! The soft palette makes this Granny Chic room timeless.

So what do you think? Could you live in one of these Granny Chic spaces? We think they are pretty amazing!

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