february 5, 2015

{Trend Report}: Wall Hangings

Cue the bell bottoms and lava lamps! It’s hard to believe this retro trend has made such a comeback! I can still remember my excitement during weaving week in elementary school. Pairing bright and unexpected colors became an obsession and begging my mother to buy more yarn was an every day occurrence. No door handle was left bare. Now the second time around the textures are more refined but the authentic and handmade look has endured. Below I’ve shared a few of my recent favorites. Also, jump over to A Beautiful Mess and check out their great DIY tutorial.


image source

Ran Ran Design must be synonymous with retro chic. Hello focal point.

wall7 copy

image source

Native Line’s  weavings step it up by mixing in metallic thread and wire lending to a glamorous and sophisticated vibe.

wall2 copy

image source

The wood frame on this piece by Stefanie Fuoco makes it perfect for adding texture to a gallery wall.


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I’ve long admired Meghan Shimek’s stunning abstract weavings. Ranging from miniature to oversized, her pieces exude the feel of rolling landscapes.


image source 

 Simple, to-the-point, made in murica’. Check out the new north loop store-front Wilson & Willy’s, to take a look in person!


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