february 9, 2015

{Blog Envy}: Ode to House Plants

It’s no secret that many plants have met their death at my hands, or black thumb rather. Usually I stand over their crumpled, crunchy leaves and can’t imagine where I did them wrong.  However, lately I’ve had the urge to give it another shot. Determined to grow a healthy ficus I’ve been cruising the blogosphere for some tips and came across these beautiful photos by Sheila Gim for Design Love Fest. Head over here to see their full post. Also, find more plant care tips here, here and here.


Above: This time of year always has me craving the fern room at Como Conservatory in St. Paul. These delicate beauties need tender loving care, indirect sunlight and a misty shower.


Above: These babies need moist soil to really show off their stripes but don’t keep them in the limelight.

rubber tree

Above: This tree’s texture intrigues me. Droopy leaves equal watering. I think I could handle that!


Above: I have killed off more of these little guys than I would care to admit. Sounds like the trick is less water and more sunshine!


 Above: And of course, the plant choice of designers. Overwatering is this beauty’s biggest killer.

All photos are original to Design Love Fest

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