january 21, 2016

{Project Review} Harmony Kids Learning Center

Daycare Inspiration

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We’ve always loved the dreamy blushes, soft yellows, and delicate whites you see in nurseries. But far too quickly, these hues are replaced with stark primary red, blue, and yellow with little warmth or coordination. We’ve been wondering though, can’t we keep these beautiful and vibrant tones alive in a play space or daycare so that these rooms aren’t just educational, but cheerful, sophisticated and inviting for the adults too?!

With the opportunity to design the Harmony Enterprises community daycare (read the article), we’re excited to do just that! We’ve paired crisp whites with bright pops of pastels in clever combinations. Unique light fixtures that spur the imagination and art as playful as finger-paintings are some of our favorite additions to the space. Great style can be appreciated at all ages, and we’re thinking the young ones will love it just as much as we do!

What do you think? Is it okay to forgo primary colors for these vibrant, more sophisticated ones? We can’t wait to keep you updated on this fun project as we dive into the details in the coming weeks!


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