february 26, 2016

{Project Preview}: Design Inspiration

Hello readers!

Sometimes when we begin a project, we know where we’re going from the start the second we meet with our client. Sometimes it takes until we find that first perfect fabric or a dreamy Pinterest inspiration photo to get us going. But sometimes, as with this project, we’re constantly changing everything until it starts to feel right. And then it feels oh-so right!

It all began after finding this vibrant, cheerful painting:MIN-V58-MGA-007_A_APZ


The cool blues and cheerful, blushy-melon colors got us excited about a unique color palette and it’s bold, organic strokes of white and pops of orange inspired us all the way through design of a foyer, dining, and kitchen spaces. Using a painting for inspiration means all of the design happens naturally and spontaneously and it always produces a very unique design tailored to the client. After finding the perfect wallpaper in shades of blue and a casual design, we knew this home was going to a beauty!

We used a majority of bronze detailing to keep the space casual and livable, but used sudden pops of brass for a classy, unexpected twist. And we chose a variety of blues, laying indigos and gray-tones to create depth and flexibility in the space. We even decided to paint a custom built-in for the dining room in a sophisticated indigo with simple, unique brass hardware. We chose to sprinkle the blush tones in our very favorite details: a foyer rug and beautiful pillow with more to come!

For the kitchen, traditional pieces with unique shapes and an organic feel kept this space inviting, casual, and cheerful. And we had a unique lighting challenge to fix and we can’t wait to show you how it turns out in a few weeks!

How do you feel about the shapes, textures, and hues we used? We sure are loving it!
Brand Board

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