october 6, 2016

Meet Bria


Meet the Team

Meet Bria, visionary founder, Principal Designer & CEO of Bria Hammel Interiors.  What started as a passion for beautiful spaces has transpired into a lifestyle brand that encompasses intentional living spaces throughout the entire home. 

Inspired by residential construction, remodels, and interior decorating, Bria, along with our talented design team carefully craft every detail from the exterior finishes to every square foot of the interior design.  Even though she is a Minnesota native, raised in Edina, Bria started her career as a designer in Kansas.  After earning both a business and design degree, she found her way to a reputable design firm in Lawrence, KS focusing on both residential and commercial spaces.  It was then, that Bria knew she had found her niche. 

After moving back to the Twin Cities, Bria earned her way into management roles for several high-end furniture retailer’s.  After making some traction in Minneapolis, she was hired by a Saint Paul designer, where she established her own unique style.  In 2012, with the support of her adoring husband Charlie, Bria took a leap and Bria Hammel Interiors was born, along with her son Louie. 

If you ask Louie about Bria, he will tell you, “she is my Mommy!” He would also tell you that he, and his baby sister Brooklyn know that her favorite color is white. If you ask Bria, she will tell you it’s any shade of blue. Charlie will conclude that she is, “simply amazing.  Bria has the ability to make everyone she encounters feel comfortable, she is beautiful inside and out, with the determination of Rocky, combined with demeanor of Nancy Reagan, what’s not to love?”

 As tireless and disciplined she is in her craft [which is evident in all her work], Bria loves a good conversation about parenting, food, and all things stylish from home decor to seasonal trends. She appreciates keeping things balanced, iced skinny lattes, and spending her down time with her family and friends. 


Bria, Principal Designer & CEO


I agree, what’s not to love?

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