october 21, 2016

Meet Michelle

Renaissance Woman

Meet Michelle, our renaissance woman. A Saint Paul transplant born and raised in Ohio. Michelle studied interior design and painting at Miami of Ohio (Love & Honor) where she earned her degree. In 2015, she married a Minnesota native, moved to the Twin Cities and started at Bria Hammel Interiors as an intern.


It didn’t take long for Michelle to earn her role as a full-time designer, taking on large scale projects. Her favorite being the 8,000 square foot home she designed in Paradise Valley, AZ. With a passion for global sourcing, travel, and art, Michelle designs a room much like she treats a canvas. She starts with a specific piece of inspiration, creates a vision and pigments aesthetically pleasing spaces. Her craft extends into true canvas art from 10’ horses to gallery wall landscapes. Her passion for art transpires in all that she does.

Michelle, Interior Designer

Michelle is known for finding the true meaning in everything. While some may overlook a detail, she will elaborate on it and turn into something profound and beautiful. As cultured, and sophisticated as she is, Michelle has a playful and spontaneous side. She spends her free time exploring Minnesota, taking long road trips, and learning Chinese with her husband. From vanilla bean ice cream to chai tea lattes with whip, she is easy to please, and loves life for all of its attributes. Her husband shares a similar sentiment, “Michelle never stops going—she really squeezes every drop out of life that she can get. She’s beautiful, and makes everything in life more beautiful.” Need I say more?


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