november 8, 2016

How To Find Your Inspiration Using Pinterest

I’m not a designer.

When I started working with the interior design team at Bria Hammel Interiors I had a lot to learn. I still do. Every day, I am introduced to new terms, design concepts or the ever-changing, trends of the industry. But there are some basics that are helpful for anyone to know.

First of all, the foundation of any design project comes from inspiration. We use this word a lot. In fact, every day it is used in some capacity. But for many people inspiration does not come easily. Not to worry, there are several resources that will help guide you, and certainly have been useful tools for me.

Pinterest. We’ve all heard about it. I thought it was just a bank of saved images that people liked. And it is, but it also holds a plethora of ideas, creative concepts and links to additional information. It is a virtual inspiration board that allows you to curate your ideas an inspiration. If you come across an article, a style you like or a recipe you want to save… “pin” it to Pinterest. But, if you are like many of our clients, and have an idea, or a style your love but you don’t know where to begin. Then start with Pinterest.




Let’s say you know you love traditional furnishings, or Joanna Gaines, farmhouse style [I’m obsessed]. You can use these keywords to search the catalog of content that Pinterest holds. Your search will produce pages upon pages of visual content, making it much easier [than a google search] to filter through the ideas, articles and photos that appeal to you. The image is just the gateway. Each image holds an article, how-to, or link you to more information. Think of it as a network of 110 million guides to point you directly to all things that inspire you.


So if you don’t have an account already, it’s easy [and worth it] to sign up, because one of the first questions we will ask you is; what inspires you?

Be sure to check out the Bria Hammel Interiors boards.

That’s all for now…

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