november 10, 2016

Most Pinteresting Things of the Week: Gallery Walls

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. In that case, a gallery wall surely speaks volumes!

Bria Hammel Interiors | Scottsdale Project

But that’s why gallery walls are incredible, because they can tell a story. And that story I’m dying to tell is about my client. About the adventures they had that changed how they saw the world. About the people they love, near and far. About the places that shaped them. About the moments that are forever stamped on their hearts.

A good gallery wall shares, quietly and with great beauty, who you are and what you love to those who enter your home. And even more importantly, it reminds you who you are and what you love. Isn’t that what homes are supposed to do in the first place?

So if you don’t currently have a gallery wall in your home, I’m guessing you have a blank wall somewhere that could use the love! And although I adore gallery walls, selecting art is always one of the most challenging aspects of any interior designer’s job.


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Art lasts unlike most items in our homes. And it serves a great purpose too; a purpose that is usually unseen until you find the “Holy Grail” piece: art that will inspire you forever. Art is also uniquely special to every person. A piece that may remind me of a hospital (not a good thing) may remind another of the peace of a day at the shore (a really great thing). And although art is forever, not every piece works everywhere. Even though I love the beach, being an interior designer in Minnesota means I can’t place sunny palm tree photographs and crashing waves paintings in every room of the house. It probably won’t feel right most of the year when snow is on the ground!

We want to share with you some of our favorites to get you started. Get inspired, but then sit down and ponder what you’d want that gallery wall to feel like and what you want it to say about you.


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Cheers to the story your gallery wall will tell!

Bria Hammel Interiors | Michelle


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