november 14, 2016

Styling Your Thanksgiving Day Table

More than any other day of the year, your dining room table gets to shine on Thanksgiving Day. But with the busyness of getting our homes ready for guests we love and grocery shopping, baking, and cooking at a Food-Network-like pace, it can be hard to focus on the sometimes tricky, sometimes cliché décor that often adorns Thanksgiving Day tables.

Here at Bria Hammel Interiors, we want your home to be effortlessly beautiful and practical all the time, and the holidays seem like an especially good time to get every detail just right. We decorated our own dining table in a simple and unique way that will hopefully inspire you to give your table some extra special love this week!Bria Hammel Interiors |Styling Your Thanksgiving Table|
Bria Hammel Interiors |Styling Your Thanksgiving Table|

We were first inspired by the dining room itself. Bright, feminine, and welcoming- like the hostess at a great party- this dining room is already an incredible room. We love the playful, horizontal blue stripe wallpaper and the simplicity of the white, cream, and natural tones of every other piece in the room! The blue seemed so special that we didn’t want it to have to compete with the aggressive and vibrant tones of fall: orange, red, and yellow. Instead, we allowed the colors already present to inspire us.

Evoking memories of pumpkin patches and sweet, creamy pumpkin pie for dessert, pumpkins seemed the perfect centerpiece. Finding them at a local craft store already white (we were planning on painting them!) was an added bonus. The white made perfect sense for this dining room, but in your home a deep navy blue or emerald green might make more sense!briashome_lrp-40

Adding a simple garland of seeded eucalyptus leaves softened and filled the rest of the table. (These beautifully shaped, minty-green leaves are our go-to foliage for photos shoots and holiday celebrations alike! And at a little over $3 for a bunch that stays fresh for days, it’s an easy selection!)

See more inspiration below on some of the other Thanksgiving dining tables we’re just drooling over.


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Whether your dining table normally acts as your arts & crafts center or your organize-the-bills place, make sure to give it some extra love this week! And remember, a beautiful centerpiece makes lingering over sweet & creamy apple pie and coffee a little longer even more of a Thanksgiving Day treat!

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