december 4, 2016

Gift Wrap Ideas

Along with decorating our homes for the holidays, a major part of the holiday season is gift giving. It’s always fun giving and receiving gifts, and when the presentation is on point, it makes it even that much more meaningful. How do you wrap your gifts in new and unexpected ways? We’ve curated a list of holiday gift wrapping ideas for you to try this season.

1. Pick your color scheme, and stick to it: It’s easy to get caught up in the holiday gift wrap section with all of the options, but find your inspiration and stick to it. You can always use a new scheme each year, but keeping it consistent will create a well thought out presentation under your tree.

2. Embellish: Use more than just a bow. Along with your beautiful ribbon, add a touch of interest

and incorporate bells, cinnamon sticks, mini-ornaments, or pom poms.

3. Make it personal: Gift tags are a¬†fundamental part of the gift giving process, but who says they have to be discrete or boring? Try using mini-chalk boards, or metal rimmed tags. If handwriting isn’t your forte, use a simple monogram tag to add your personal touch.

4. Add greenery: Greenery is a welcome addition to any package, using a sprig or a mini wreath can add texture.

5. Mix Patterns: Sticking to your color scheme, mixing patterns can make each package unique.


Pretty wrapping is almost as fun as unwrapping the gifts themselves, and we love seeing the smiling faces of our loved ones on Christmas day. Louie’s smiling face says it all. Merry Christmas to you and yours this holiday season!




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