december 5, 2016

Alternatives to a Traditional Christmas Tree

When it comes to Christmas trees, most of us reflect on the traditional tree. A tall spruce, with colorful twinkling lights, an array of ornaments from handmade to the annual ones you get from you mother. Anything that strays from the quintessential tree is sure to get some attention.


My mother is known for her lavish Christmas decorations. Somehow she managed to eliminate the tacky from her holiday décor, and bring in luxurious details. One of my favorite pieces is the tree she places in the foyer. I describe this tree as simple and almost Charlie Brown like with its extension of bare branches, and obviously faux in nature. Instead of adorning it with traditional decorations of lights and ornaments, my mom keeps it very simple. Each branch is carefully enveloped with globe shaped, pearlized iridescent string lights. There are no ornaments, just beautifully placed lights, each intentionally wrapped. As a result, a magical, elegantly simple tree.

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Another under stated tree is my aunts tree. Again, this tree on its own is very simple. With pale green hues, and feathery branches there isn’t much to this faux tree. Like my mother’s, it does not have ornaments. It also lacks lights. Instead, perched on every branch is a delicately placed bird. Each bird, is magnificent in color, texture and even has intricate details to make up its face and tiny character. Some are made of real fathers, while others are hand blown glass. My favorite is coated in gold finish and even without light surrounding it, somehow it sparkles lighting up the tree.


World Market-Bird Clip

I love traditional trees, but sometimes a break from tradition can reinvent a new way of doing things. So this year, be creative, maybe simplify things a bit and see what you can come up with. You may be surprised and delighted.

Christine | Bria Hammel Interiors


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