december 14, 2016

The Stonecliffe Drive House Reveal | Part Two

There is something unreservedly welcoming about an all-white entertaining space. And when you see the “before” photos of the foyer, formal living room, and dining room and then the “afters” of our charming Stonecliffe Drive house in Eagan, Minnesota you will see what we mean immediately.


The bright simplicity of the space yields to whatever season or climate. On a muggy, summer day, the cool white feels refreshing and clean. Yet on a dark and blizzardy night (which we have many up here), a single candle lit in these spaces make it the perfect spot for a good book and hot tea to ride out the storm.

The goal of this space was to make it feel more formal, yet playful and bright at the same time. The client was tenacious in wanting her home to remain simple with very little color, which isn’t a request we get that often. But that challenge meant the careful selection of whites, greys, and creams in cool and warm tones. Mixing a cool gray with a warm white, and finishing everything off with a sparkle of bright brass create a space that’s calming yet exciting.


And after…



In the foyer, you are instantly greeted with a sunny cushioned bench with matching roman shade. The most darling sconces you’ve ever seen, frame the window and invite you to take your shoes off extra slow. The wall paneling is simple and classic and allows for the curvy, nail head mirror to make a bolder presence.

The living room comes alive with small hints of pattern, like the inlaid bone detailing in the coffee table in a feminine floral design and the gray and white stitching on the pillows.



And after…


And one of our favorite rooms in the home was the formal dining space. As simple as it is lovely, it’s a space that a photo hardly captures. Unlike most spaces where metals and hardware are only details, the crystal chandelier and custom art sparkle in their bright gold tones against the crisp white and cream wallpaper.



And after…



So whether it’s a for a cocktail or a coffee, we’re enjoying every inch of these heavenly entertaining spaces.


And believe it or not, there’s even more of this incredible home to share! Stay tuned,

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