december 16, 2016

Most Pinteresting of the Week: Holiday Wreaths

All week I’ve been captured by the special beauty and the perfect pop of color that wreaths add to our homes. Whether indoors or out, in traditional evergreen or updated boxwood, on walls, centerpieces, or doors- you can’t seem to go wrong with this holiday favorite! I became fascinated by all the ways wreaths enhance and bring a space to life as I skimmed Pinterest this week. Hopefully you’ll be as inspired as I am!

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I love this wreath for it’s pure simplicity. So often we take something pure and beautiful and keep adding more, more, more. Another bow, twinkling lights, tinsel, and maybe another bow for good measure. The simplicity of this one makes it guaranteed to work in any space. It gives me a certain amount of confidence to put a wreath like this literally anywhere. And I’m also loving the Scandinavian vibes in the rest of this home. Earthy tones with crisp white the simple pop of green make it a casual and comfortable place to bring in the yuletide.


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Soft blush and pops of orange tones- I just fell in love with this unconventional wreath! The beauty of wreaths is that their form alone brings the holidays to mind- meaning we can have all the fun we want with color and texture. The soft blush roses are romantic and elegant- a classic touch- while the orange berries remind us of the traditional red berry, but will go with any soft home palette.


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I love the idea of using wreath in this unconventional way! Their texture and color adds depth and dimension to the table, yet they don’t feel out of place at all on traditional glass cake trays. I can’t imagine a home where this wouldn’t work as a great centerpiece!


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The whimsical nature of these wreaths feels joyful and playful in all the best ways. The variety and spacing keep the space light and don’t obstruct the view, but give the maxim impact. If red isn’t your color, it would be simple enough to switch out the ribbon for a elegant white, deep navy, or any other color that will add an accent or great dimension to your space!


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A great twist on one of our favorite boxwood pieces- the topiary. As opposed to one large wreath, instead try the same one stacked in this simple way with a complimentary ribbon to tie them all together! I can see this playing out well both inside or out and with a variety of wreaths- I just recommend keeping them the same material and size for simplicity’s sake.


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Laying a simple wreath on top of a mirror seems an easy way to bring the holidays to any corner of your home. There is already a great amount of texture in the space, but adding another color would make it feel chaotic, while trying to squeeze in a table for decor wouldn’t make much sense. Use a door hook or ribbon- depending on the mirror- to hang the wreath in front, just like you would on a door. The added value here, is that any space can get a splash of the holidays with this simple trick!

I hope you find ways to fill every corner of your home with festive wreaths in a variety of colors, textures, and sizes!

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