december 31, 2016

Fun Ways to Celebrate New Year’s Eve with the Kids

New Year’s Eve, you either love it or it’s just another day. Personally, I have always loved it. I find it nostalgic, as well as an opportunity to look forward to the future. I set goals, reflect on the past year and how the year to come will be the best yet. Not to mention the parties. They were fabulous, over the top, and quite the production. Looking back, it’s exhausting to think about, but NYE holds some of my best memories.  Dressing up, kissing your honey at midnight, then dancing into the wee hours of the morning. Okay, I admit I am glorifying it a bit, but NYE was always something to celebrate.

Now that we have two kids, things look a little different. The last couple of years I have been in bed, barely making it past the 10PM news. Our festivities typically happen during the dinner hour, or New Year’s Day. I’ve had this notion that it will never be quite like it was when I was younger. This year, I am bringing in the New Year with a new tradition, and perspective.

Noise Maker for Kids

New Years Noise Maker’s by Katelyn Chantel

Now that my oldest if four. She can stay up late. Midnight may be a stretch but we will make something special of NYE. Whether you have friends over, or its just you and your littles, here are some of my favorite ideas for families with young kiddos to bring in the New Year:

  • Time Capsule | create a memory sheet with things from the year that you and your children don’t want to forget. On the other side, write down your biggest goals for 2017. Seal it up in a can or glass jar, even a zip lock will do. Store them away, to open them in 5 to ten years.
  • Dress Up + Photo Shoot | Nothing is more exciting for a kiddo than to get dressed up in their favorite outfit. For my daughter this may be a super hero costume or tutu with lots of accessories. Play your favorite family “party” mix and take lots of photos. No doubt you will cherish the album for years, maybe even generations to come.
  • Sparklers & Noise Makers | This is the one night of the year the kids get to stay up way past their bedtime, so why not let them party to their hearts desire? A fun activity is to have a homemade noise maker activity. This is easily done with rice, or beans and some recyclables. Take a tip from Creative Living and use bells and wood sticks, all of which is easily found at Target or a crafts store.


DIY Party | photography Project Nursery

Just a few ideas that will keep the night meaningful, memorable and fun for everyone.

Cheers to 2017!

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