february 17, 2017

Most “Pinteresting” Thing of the Week | Personal Touches

One of the first things we ask a client to share with us when starting a new project is are important pieces they want to incorporate into their new space. It could be a piece of furniture, or a collection of art they can’t part with. Sometimes it’s a family heirloom passed down for generations, other times it’s a collection curated between a couple. Regardless, we know how meaningful these pieces are and we use them as an integral part of their design. When we hear of such treasured items we get very creative because, after all, it’s the details that make a space very special!

Personal touches are what separate your space from everyone else’s.  At times, it’s easy to add a piece of fine art or use an antique as a statement piece in a room. However, we’ve certainly faced our challenges when trying to use coveted furnishings in a space that it perhaps doesn’t belong. So, we turn to Pinterest for inspiration. Here are some of the ways in which we were inspired to do something different.

Special clothing framed behind plexiglas | Little Green Notebook|


We’ve enclosed hand-stitched dresses in beautiful brass frames to create an impactful statement wall. The dresses are simple, elegant and refined but somehow incite stories and create new special moments.


“Conjoined Twins” | WSJ Articles |


In this master bedroom, the designer uses two twin beds passed down two generations to create a custom head board in this modern bedroom.  Using carefully selected textiles, the cherished beds somehow work perfectly paired in this space.

Repurpose and use those family heirlooms in unexpected spaces and ways.


Antique sideboard uses in nursery | Style Me Pretty |

One of the easiest solutions is to paint old furniture. Adding a fresh coat of paint in a color that coordinates with your room adds an instant update to the space! What makes an impact, and stands apart from other items in a room is when you restore a piece to its original finish and use it in un-assuming ways like you see in this nursery.

White Antique Furniture | House Decorators Collection |

There are so many ways to make a room special. Personal touches are often handed down, but don’t always have to be. By incorporating things from your past that make you happy, you can tell a story even without words.



Framed Barbie art | Layla Grayce

Everyone loves Barbie, and while the prints are vintage, they are easily sourced and can be used in various places. Having iconic images like this transforms a wall into something meaningful to whomever passes by.

The next time you are wanting to create a space that’s personal and unique, start with your treasures or imagine your favorite things displayed in unforeseen ways. Something beautiful is sure to come together!


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