february 24, 2017

Adding A Personal Touch to Your Designs

We always say, it’s all in the details, and we mean it! The heart of any design comes from the client. Our designers spend a lot of time getting to know every detail of how a client wants to live in their space. Selections are sourced from all over the world, but the ones that are most unique come from a client’s past that tells a story .


Personal touches evolve a space. It’s the designers’ responsibility to assimilate these treasured moments into details that will work within the new design.


Here are some examples of how our designers took the personal elements of a project and created special and timeless designs.

In this photo, Bria used dresses handmade by her mother and encapsulated them into custom brass frames for the gallery wall in Brooklyn’s nursery.

One of our favorite designs, was being able to tie in our clients’ loyalty to their alma maters. They acquired original lockers from St. Thomas Academy the clients high school. The vintage sign lived on campus for years at Notre Dame where the clients attended college.

Creating a “locker room” outside of our clients sport court brought that special touch to our clients new home.

When asking the designers how these features transpired, they will tell you every design was based on a story, and somehow the details just came together.



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